Out of the Abyss With Friends!

The Drow.... I hate those guys.

After assessing their situation as Drow prisoners, the players have coalesced to form the Party! The party made fast friends with their fellow cellmates and devised a plan to escape Velkynvelve without getting themselves killed, despite jimmy wanting to murder everything within a 10 mile radius.

Under the advisement of Shuushar, the party discovers that the Drow Jorlan Duskryn can be easily manipulated to further their goals of escape. Jorlan, having been shunned and scorned by Ilvara Mizzrym due to his recent failure in battle, desires nothing more than vengeance upon her and her new lover Shoor Vandree. He proposes a plan to the party. He suggests that the party can make an escape attempt when he leaves the slave pen gate unlocked while he creates a distraction. Jorlan seems to think this will embarass Ilvara and Shoor.

Unfortunately, Jorlan never made good on his part of the bargain to create a distraction. Chasme demons and Vrock demons took their battle to Velkynvelve. This alarmed the Drow and caused them to focus all of their attention on the aerial battle, preparing to possibly defend their outpost. The party took advantage of this “distraction” anyway. They made their way to the barracks, retrieving their gear as well as looting the various Drow footlockers. Turns out that the Drow keep very strange possessions; including a certain divination card depicting Ilvara Mizzrym. Are there Drow trading cards?

The party then made their way below Velkynvelve by way of the pool below the waterfall. It was there that a stray Vrock demon crashed down in front of the party blocking their way. The party easily defeated the badly wounded demon but not without Krista nearly getting one-shotted.

With the Drow distracted, and the other NPC prisoners in tow, the party decides to head north on a 30 day journey to Blingdenstone. Hopefully, they can make it there, and out of the Underdark in once piece…

Adventure Begins!

Tonight was filled with character creation, player introductions, campaign introduction and… much Resistance…

  • Nate created a Drow Monk.
  • Pat created a Wood Elf Cleric.
  • Krista created a Dragonborn Warlock.
  • Jimmy created a Dragonborn Fighter.

PCs will start as prisoners at the Drow outpost Velkynvelve in the Underdark. Each of them captured for various reasons, they must figure out a way to get out of Drow custody as well as the Underdark itself!

Can they escape with their lives? With their sanity?


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